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What Makes Us the Perfect Partner for Education Loans?

Candidate Fees Received Upfront

We ensure better cash flow management between candidates and institutes, which we understand is especially beneficial for training partners who need capital upfront to grow.

A Completely Digital Process and Quick loan approvals 

We are leveraging technology to provide a seamless, efficient and quick experience for all users. We guarantee same-day approval and quick turn around times for your candidate to ensure a 'potential candidate' becomes 'your candidate' faster.

We Help Generate High Potential Leads For Our Partner Institutes

We continuously engage with potential candidates via student fairs and host academically inclined events ourselves. Our primary focus for these events is to increase awareness about skill development and the opportunities that it opens up. One important aspect that we also focus on during such events is lead generation for our partner institutes.

Reach a Larger Candidate Base

Turning their passion into a dynamic career is what we believe in, we assess and invest in candidates and provide them access to your course without the hassles of having to pay an upfront fee. Allowing more candidate to opt to do the course they choose without the financial burden of a large upfront payment.

Increase Enrolments By 60% with Our Partnership